Fair Use Policy:
AGJobs.Org loves to have our members have as much access to our website features as possible with as low of cost subscriptions as we can provide while still keeping the doors of the ministry open. This Fair Usage Policy ("FUP") is designed to prevent abuse of our subscriptions features by those rare few who might decide to take advantage of our goodwill.

Many features of our website, such as private messages, commenting, and group posting, are not listed as having a "maximum daily limit" or "maximum length" on our membership page. This allows us the ability to have flexability in changing these upper limitations as our community grows. This FUP exists to allow our members to have a 'fair use' limitation, yet still be able to have a means to place limitations those who would want to abuse the system.

AGJobs.Org subscriptions are for individual use only (personal or ministry based accounts) in accordance with our Billing Policy and this FUP ("Legitimate Use"). The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would not be considered Legitimate Use:

Mass sending of private messages;

Mass posting of comments;

Mass posting of group posts/comments;

Mass posting of listings;

Off-topic content;

Uploading Media for use outside the AGJobs.Org Services;

Other patterns and activity that is not consistant with normal day-to-day use of the individual subscription.

The above list is just a short non-exhaustive listed of Ligitimate Use cases that AGJobs.Org considers to be violations of our FUP and AGJobs.Org reserves the right to take any action against any FUP abuse. AGJobs.Org may at its option, suspend subcriptions, deny access too, immediantly terminate accounts if it determins that you are using your subscription contrary to the AGJobs.Org FUP or the AGJobs.Org Terms of Service. AGJobs.Org in most reasonable situations will notify you of minor abuses of the FUP before suspension or termination of your subscription, and if appropriate may offer you an alternative subscription to better meet your needs. AGJobs.Org reserves the right to add, remove, or amend our FUP at any time.

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